Effective and Efficient Rail Industry Lighting Solutions

22 Oct 15

Sammode Lighting has been a supplier of technical lighting solutions for nearly 90 years. As you can imagine a considerable knowledge base and expertise has accumulated for the benefits of end users.

One particular specialist area of Sammode Lighting’s expertise is in providing efficient and effective rail industry solutions from platforms through to inspection pits and everywhere in between.

Demanding Environment Solutions

Designed to be resistant under the most demanding conditions of use, Sammode luminaires combine robustness, resistance and adaptability to every environment.

Sammode only utilises high quality materials that undergo a rigorous selection process enabling a guarantee of reliability, functionality and safety. A selection of compatible construction materials allow the most suitable solution to be deployed.

Luminaire Solutions include:

Niepce 70 FV - designed for bi-directional illumination especially for inspection pits

Industrial Solutions

With full control of the luminaire development process, from design to manufacturing, Sammode is able to provide advice to customers based on deep knowledge and experience. By working with customers and end users it is possible to develop the most effective and efficient lighting strategy for each need.

Sammode luminaires are not a disposable consumer product. They are an investment for the long term.

Luminaire Solutions include:

Doppler 70 24DC – 24DC luminaire is ideal as a machine lighting solution with a housing that is resistant to lubricants, shocks and vibration.
Doppler 70 230V – 220-240V luminaire that is provides an ideal process lighting solution and made from materials with good resistance to lubricants as well as shocks and vibration

Architectural Solutions

Sammode designs reliable, durable, integrated and adapted lighting solutions for any type of environment.

The housings of each luminaire features the characteristics required by industrial environments, which also makes them ideal for city conditions: resistance to pollution and intense use, robustness, and imperviousness, etc.

The tubular design is recognised for its simplicity, purity and timelessness that will seamlessly fit naturally into most types of architectural projects.

Luminaire Solutions include:

Turner 70 - an impervious range of LED luminaires especially designed for platform lighting.
Cranach 70 - a compact range of LED luminaires, dedicated to illuminate waiting rooms and passengers shelters.

This year Sammode Lighting Australasia will be exhibiting at AusRAIL Plus in Melbourne, can and join us on stand #510.