Everyday LED High Bay range steps up the lumen output

03 Apr 17

Our Everyday LED High Bay products are now offering an increased lumen output across the range.

The innovative series of LED high bays feature an increased lifespan of 50,000 hours at L70 for energy savings and maintenance. The uniformity of light and temperature stability becomes essential to the superior lighting performance of the range.

Let’s take a look at the figures below to see the increase:

  • Stratus MKII 200W - increase of 500ℓm - now 26,500ℓm
  • Cumulus MKII 150W - increase of 1,500ℓm now 21,000ℓm
  • Cirrus 300W - Increase of 4,500ℓm now 45,000ℓm
  • Alto 240W - Increase of 3,365ℓm  now 35,500ℓm

Typical Specifications:

  • Wattage range – Cirrus 300W, Alto 240W, Stratus MKII 200W, Cumulus MKII 150W
  • Luminous flux – 21,000ℓm to 45,000ℓm
  • Colour temperature – 5,000K
  • Diffuser – Polycarbonate lens
  • Body Material – Aluminium alloy
  • IP Rating – IP65


  • Warehouse
  • Gymnasium
  • Airport
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial Applications

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