Eye Lighting Customer Notice

15 Apr 20

To our valued customer,

Whilst we are all in a difficult situation at the moment … we’ve both got through them before.

  • Natural Disasters
  • Financial Crises
  • Acts of terrorism and war

And now in this COVID-19 challenge, which appears greater than all before, we give you these commitments:

We will continue to be factual and honest with you on stock availability and delivery.

No promises … only facts

We will continue to supply “fit for purpose” lighting solutions for applications where lighting is important for your business and your safety.

✓ Engineered and application proven

We will continue to provide the best possible pricing for our products so you can invest in a quality outcome.

✓ Quality Assured Performance

Eye Lighting has been in Australia since 1974, and we assure you we will still be here in 2021 and onwards.

We look forward to serving you today, tomorrow and in the future.