General Lighting & EYE Lighting FAQs

1. How and where do I purchase EYE Lighting products?

All EYE Lighting products are available from leading electrical wholesalers throughout Australia and New Zealand. If the electrical wholesaler does not happen to have an item in stock, please request them to order from EYE Lighting.

EYE Lighting does not sell direct to the public as most products are for either an industrial or commercial application. 

2. What is the EYELITE Professional LED Direct Replacement lamps warranty statement?

To view the full terms of EYELITE product warranty, download the product warranty statement here.

3. Do EYE Lighting products conform to all Australian and New Zealand Standards?

Yes, all products sold and traded by EYE Lighting have undergone accredited testing and meet or exceed the requirements detailed in relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards.

All LED products whether they be lamps or luminaires have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet EMC requirements.

All products are labelled with the RCM compliance mark. Please note some product is still labelled with the old C-Tick mark and an accompanying approval number during the allowed transition phase.

EYE Lighting is serious about compliant product and is a founding member of the Does It Comply? campaign. For details visit:

4. What are EYE Lighting’s capabilities?

EYE Lighting has provided commercial and industrial lighting solutions across Australia and New Zealand since 1974 – specific capabilities include:

  • Specialist technical representatives positioned across Australia & New Zealand
  • A highly experienced lighting design team
  • Manufacturing operations within Australia
  • Customer service staff and warehouses in each mainland state to ensure timely delivery of stocked items
  • Lighting audit consultancy services to advise on compliance with relevant standards, energy-saving options or specific solutions
  • Access to the EYE retrofit lamp range providing upgrade options for many types of existing fixtures
  • Access to the EYE energy-saving lamp range to offer significant savings in electricity costs and in CO2 emissions

5. I need to better understand the meaning of an EYE Lighting HID lamp descriptions, are there any reference materials?

Yes, please refer to the EYE Lighting HID Lamp Guide, download here.

If you are still unsure, please consult your local EYE Lighting representative or branch.

6. I have seen many abbreviations on EYE Lighting website that seem to indicate which light source is being. Is there an explanation of these?

Here is a breakdown of all Light Source types used on the website:

LED – light emitting diode, either in the form a lamp or integral to a luminaire.

CMH – ceramic metal halide lamp, branded as EYE Cera Arc™.

MH – metal halide lamp.

HPS – high pressure sodium lamp.

MV – mercury vapour lamp.

CFL – Compact Fluorescent lamp.

FL – Linear Fluorescent lamp.

TH – Tungsten Halogen lamp.

Incand. – Incandescent lamp.

7. Does EYE Lighting provide a glossary of technical terms and symbols used throughout the e-Catalogue and web pages?

Yes, to better understand the meaning of all technical symbols, download EYE Lighting symbols explanation file here.

8. Does EYE Lighting provide a guide to understanding the photometric diagrams used for each luminaire product?

Yes, please download the EYE Lighting’s Introduction to Photometrics pdf file here.

9. I’m not sure which direct replacement LED to select, is there a guide to help me make the best purchasing decision to select the correct LED lamp?

Yes, please download EYE Lighting’s unbiased guide to selecting the best LED lighting solution – All the KnowLEDge You Need, here

10. What are EYE Lighting’s terms and conditions of sale?

Download EYE Lighting’s full terms and conditions of sale here:

For Australia

For New Zealand

Please note that our Terms and Conditions are different in Australia and New Zealand, please take care to ensure you download the relevant version.