Glare Control Solutions with the Latest SST Bulkhead Series

02 Aug 19

With the most recent introduction of Eye Lighting’s SST Bulkhead Series - it has become apparent that there are many yet to be defined solutions where the SST can deliver a successful outcome.

One such application challenge arose recently with an upgrade of all lighting to a significant mining resource export loading terminal. In this installation, the client's brief was that for one particular section of the plant their preferred lighting upgrade to be a “one for one replacement: HID out and LED in”.

Sounds simple - but not quite that simple…

The existing fixtures (70W HPS) were mounted at an approximate height of 1.2m from the deck on a vertical surface. This of course had given rise to the operator’s biggest concern and aspiration - the taming of the glare from each fixture along the length of the equipment (obviously this critical design aspect was either overlooked and/or ignored in the original installation).

It was recognised by all parties that Eye Lighting’s SST Bulkhead Series could and would offer the best solution in terms of fixtures upgrade (both mains operated and emergency).

What about the glare control…

Having the hardware was one thing; however will the SST Bulkhead really be fit for purpose? With aid of our product design specialists Eye Lighting was able to introduce a degree of glare control through the application of a Glare Control Diffuser Film. This film is affixed directly inside the glass lens and provides the desired glare control that the site operators were insisting upon.

To quote from the manufacturer's technical bulletin...

Glare Suppression

The diffusers suppress high-angle light above 65 degrees to reduce visual glare and improve the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of luminaires. This helps luminaires comply with IESNA RP1-04 and EN12464 glare specifications. These patented and patent-pending diffusers, unlike conventional prismatic sheets, have a soft cut-off with no colour separation thereby increasing visual appeal and LED hiding ability.

Focused on delivering solutions…

This is but one of the many solution success stories emerging from the field as this new product delivers what it was created for.

Eye Lighting is confident that it has the right solution for you designed with quality, durability and reliability by Creating Light - Developing the Future.

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