Mercury Vapour Lamps

05 Feb 21

It is almost twelve months since the announcement of the cessation of mercury vapour lamps by our technology partner Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd of Japan.

This international cessation of the manufacturing of these lamps was in accordance the articles of the Minamata Convention.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is an international treaty designed to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds.

The high quality EYE brand mercury lamps, in their many forms, have served global users since the mid ‘60s.

As the mercury chapter closes, we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the support on these products over the past decades.

As one door closes another opens – Eye Lighting together with its technology partners continue to be well positioned to deliver efficient solutions for your lighting needs, whatever they may be.

With the most current range of technology outcomes available.

There is bound to be a solution – the team is ready willing and able to provide the answer for your needs.