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Please read information in full before commencing any testing

Eye Lighting Australia’s End User Faults Finding Simple Assistance Guide

If you have any questions during the testing process, please communicate with us directly, before commencing any of the tests further.

This testing content 240/415 Vac live testing, shall follow all electrical safety suggestions 
and on-site workplace health and safety processes at all times.
To limit the risks of arc 
flash hazards and electrical shock hazards.

To work with live 240/415 Vac testing, requires a second person, with Low-voltage rescue training is preferred, to work as a spotter. Just in case of an emergency situation, this helps the electrical worker get to safety. The spotter shall keep a safe distance from the electrical worker.

If there are any electrical safety questions or uncertainty, please call the Queensland Electrical Safety Office on 1300 632 993.

This manual is just a simple guideline, please follow all the on-site workplace health and safety regulations and policies. If it is unclear, please communicate with the on-site workplace health and safety officer first, before commencing any testing.

Eye Lighting Australia Pty Ltd, remains all rights and explanations for this assistance guide. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone +61 (0) 7 3335 3555 or email

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