Lighting Audits

Eye Lighting personnel are constantly working in partnership with our clients and suppliers to provide superior lighting solutions. We have a team dedicated to our lighting audit service for a wide range of applications across commercial, industrial and mining industries.

Our team consists of Technical Sales Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, Application Engineers and Professional Products and Services Representatives. This is a no obligation service that will determine your return on investment in regards to energy savings and maintenance costs.

Our technical team will conduct a complete unbiased analysis of your existing lighting system.

Upon request we will analyze, review and discuss the following

  • Measure lighting to Australian Standards

  • Review existing lighting to workplace requirements

  • Review the condition and arrangement of your existing lighting system

  • Openly discuss the pros and cons of a variety of energy-efficient lighting solutions best suited to your site.

Furthermore, here at Eye Lighting Australia, we pride ourselves on educating and offering our top-level industry expertise when it comes to lighting and navigating the right solution for the environment and our customers. 


What to expect when a lighting audit is undertaken?

Our team will detail the exact location and assess if there are any limitations of the area being audited. The time is recorded at which the light meter readings are taken. We will then access the make up of your existing lighting installed on the audited premises and record its condition.

Eye Lighting’s engineering team will reference Australian Lighting Standards on which the lighting recommendation is based and provide a statement with respect to voltage levels during period of measurement. We also record the details of the light meter used during measurements including the date of last calibration. 

You will be provided with the details of measurement grids used to determine average illumination values and a statement covering any special considerations that may have affected the results obtained. Once the audit is complete you will be supplied with the full details of recommended lighting including quotation for such.

Let us match the perfect lighting solution to your organisation’s needs.

Please contact us to discuss the Lighting Audit services that Eye Lighting Australia offers.


Lighting Surveys and Audits

Purposes of Surveys and Audits

The objective of lighting survey or audit is to gather information covering the characteristics and the present condition of lighting systems and the environment in which they operate.


Evaluating Lighting Systems

To evaluate lighting installations means to examine or carefully appraise them.

Essential a three step process:

  • Establishment of a base-line of performance

  • Identifying improvement opportunities / savings

  • Or, gauging a project feasibility around an upgrade


Types of Surveys and Audits

Essentially there are three types of surveys and audits: walk through survey, a mini-audit, and a comprehensive audit.

What's the difference?

  • Walk through is a simple survey

  • Mini-audit akin to an intermediate survey – between the walk through and comprehensive audit – where the situations are too complex for a walk through and too simple for a comprehensive audit

  • Detailed or comprehensive audit – where the lighting audit is a detailed, systematic evaluation of an existing lighted space(s) together with an appraisal of the performance of the system as a whole.


Surveys and audits are conducted by experienced and professionals well abreast of lighting standards and fully cognisant of the technology available that can and will deliver efficient solutions with savings potential in the concept of whole of life.


For further information as to how a survey or audit may benefit your facility.

Feel free to contact: Eye Lighting Australia Pty Ltd (07) 3335 3555


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