Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps

EYE Lighting’s EYE Cera Arc™ – ceramic metal halide lamp range is quickly gaining a reputation as the “Eco” choice of HID lamps. Delivering savings in terms of efficacy and long life, the same light levels may be accomplished with a reduced number luminaires even when comparing to higher wattage mercury vapour or quartz arc metal halide installations.


  • Low maintenance – Lamps need to be charged less often, therefore saving on maintenance costs, reducing waste, and lessening their environmental impact. Extra long lamp life EYE Twin Cera Arc lamp has a rated lamp life of 50,000 hours
  • Reduced carbon footprint – The use of a more efficient light source leads to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Bright light right to the end – Engineering to supress the rate of lumen depreciations, the lamps will offer a high rate of lumen maintenance, providing a high level of output for as long as the lamp is in operation
  • A simple direct replacement upgrade – Utilising the same outer bulbs as their Mercury Vapour / High-Pressure Sodium predecessors, the arc tube also remains in the same position, meaning that the same light distribution can be achieved
  • Can be used directly on your existing Mercury and High-Pressure Sodium control gears – The built-in FEC ignitor means that the lamps are compatible for use with both types of control gear


  • Road lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Residential
  • Historical
  • Retail
  • Any applications that currently use HPS lamps