Cugnot Xtrem

The Cugnot Xtrem LED tubular light was designed for the toughest environments. It remains reliable and robust over time. Forget dust and humidity, forget impacts and vibrations: this fixture can handle it. It is also compatible with temperature variations or at-risk electrical networks.


Top impermeability and durability as per IP68-IP69K. Materials offer high chemical and mechanical resistance as per IK10. Very highly reliable electronics with a very long service life.

One-piece housing that is impervious to shocks and vibrations (SCREW system). External metal parts in stainless steel and composite housing ultra-resistant to corrosive environments, hydrocarbons and outdoor UV radiation. Suitable for agrifood processes as it is compatible with HACCP and IFS/BRC standard. Long-lasting driver designed to support the harshest thermal, mechanical (intense vibrations) and electrical (voltage peak) stresses.

High-resistance, unpluggable connector for rapid installation. Significant energy and maintenance savings, with a useful lumen rating equivalent to or greater than fluorescent solutions. ULTIMATE 8-YEAR WARRANTY, for intensive use at maximum temperature. Designed and manufactured in France, built to last, scalable and entirely repairable, it is the standout tube light for the harshest industrial atmospheres.


  • Harsh industrial atmospheres
  • High temperatures or electrical risk environments




31035058 CUG100 12H840 POME PS3 SA MR BRS
31035001 CUG100 13H840 POME PS3 SA MR BRS
32035003 CUG133 23H840 POME PS3 SA MR BRS
32035001 CUG133 24H840 POME PS3 SA MR BRS
574292 CUG100 12H822 POME 113LN SA MR BRV incl 3m x 2.5mm Flex
574296 CUG133 23H840 POME 113LN SA MR BRV incl 5m x 2.5mm Flex