Joule X-Heat

The Joule X-Heat luminaire is the toughest LED tubular light on the market, designed for permanent use at 70°C. Thanks to its housing and high-performance materials, the Joule X-Heat luminaire is totally dust-proof and will durably withstand humidity and corrosive vapours, including at high temperatures.


  • JOULE 133 tubular light fitting for high-temperature lighting
  • Special LED satin finish diffuser Diffuser Ø133mm in polycarbonate, protected from UV, solvents, hydrocarbons and cleaning agents by a coextrusion of methacrylate
  • End-caps ½ ring press-formed
  • Single-piece housing with high mechanical and reinforced seal
  • White powder-coated mounting plate
  • Passive heat sink in aluminium
  • Moulded high temperature silicone gaskets


  • High Temperature Environments




Joule – High Temperature – IP69
Code Description
32120040 JOU133 13H840 POME PS3 SA BRS
32125055 JOU133 14H840 POME PS3 SA BRS